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Payment Processing to Help You Reach Prime

Leverage BDR’s Collective Buying Power to obtain Low Cost, High Value Payment Processing
Who are we
Deep Savings and Transparent Pricing...Wahoo!
  • Our collective buying power has allowed us to negotiate a strong processing deal
  • Savings can range from thousands of dollars a year to thousands of dollars a month 
  • Consultative approach and no high-pressure sales tactics  

  • Our partner guarantees to provide savings to you or will pay you a $100 Amazon Gift card for your time

White Glove Customer Service
  • The BDR family is a tight knit and cohesive group  
  • We vetted our payments partner closely 

  • Guaranteed white glove customer service, a commitment to address problems quickly, and communicate openly and often.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) to ensure that response times, escalation protocols, and product update notifications are consistently upheld

Best in Class Technology Solutions
  • Omni-Channel Solutions 
  • Highly secure infrastructure: Point-2-Point Encryption and Patented Tokenization 

  • Robust API

  • Dedicated technical team and resources for custom needs 

How it works


Our Partner will thoroughly review your merchant statements from your existing provider and identify all areas of opportunities for cost savings. We will also review your current payments process and identify areas for streamlining operations and improving customer experience. We will match or beat your existing rates and overall value provided by your existing processor.


We will document our findings in a detailed yet easy to understand proposal. We’ll set up a time to walk you through the proposal and make sure all of your questions are answered. We will educate you on the fundamentals of Payment Processing so you truly understand the fees you’re paying.


Once we agree to do business together we will have you sign an electronic application and we will get your merchant account approved and setup. There are no cancellation fees in working with us and no personal guarantee required, it is our philosophy that we have to earn your business every month.


Once “Boarded” we will run test transactions on numerous cards to make sure you’re seamlessly accepting payments and train you on the numerous payment acceptance methods and ancillary features from detailed reporting to SmartPay eInvoicing.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We communicate openly and often to ensure you’re maximizing our offering. Whether its analyzing your monthly statements to ensure there are no areas where you’re being penalized and charged extra from the card issuers to helping you become PCI Compliant, we’re regularly checking in to add value.

How it works

"We recently made the switch to our new payment processor. The transition process was very smooth and our Partner ensured we had a smooth on-boarding. In addition, we have already started seeing savings. The system is very user friendly and met all our processing requirments."

-Sarwesh Kumar, Controller

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Please email 3 months of your credit card statements at so we can begin your analysis.

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